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Our ingredients.


To make our products really effective, we concentrate every active ingredient as much as possible. Concentrated up to 25%, the active ingredients derived from plants (hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, pro-collagen) and botanical substances from the Swiss Alps (edelweiss, alpine rose, alpine gentian) offer the best for our products and immediately visible results and remarkable benefits for the skin. 


In accordance with the precautionary principle, we exclude all ingredients of synthetic origin from our formulas.

Our formulations are concentrated in organic and 100% natural active ingredients, certified by the ISO 16'128 standard, which means that 100% of the ingredients, preservatives and fragrances are natural in origin without any products that could pose a risk to the consumer or the environment.

0% Parabens

Used as preservatives in many formulas, parabens are endocrine disrupters (harmful to hormonal balance, which can lead to infertility).

0% Phenoxyethanol

Conservative, easily absorbed through the skin, can induce neurotoxic effects and neurological disorders. 

0% Chlorphenesin

Chlorine-derived preservative, pollutant.

0% Phtalates 

Fixing agents, thus allowing perfumes to last longer or preventing varnishes from flaking, but which are found in many plastic objects (especially PVC). They are suspected of being endocrine disrupters.


0% PEG

PEGs are used as thickeners, emulsifiers, surfactants or humectants. Although commonly used in cosmetics or shampoos,

PEGs are suspected carcinogens and are also very poorly biodegradable. They accumulate in nature through the flow of wastewater.

0% Silicone

Used to provide softness, silicones are derivatives of plastic that are very poorly biodegradable and pollute the environment by flowing into wastewater.


Allows to stabilize cosmetic formulas over time but not biodegradable, pollutes the environment by flowing into wastewater.


0% Toluene

Volatile solvent, pollutant, irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory 

0% Triclocarban 

Preservative, non-biodegradable, toxic to the seabed.

0% Butylene-Glycol

Humectant, suspected of being carcinogenic and may cause reproductive disorders, not biodegradable


0% Propylene-Glycol

Preservative, suspected of being carcinogenic and causing reproductive disorders, not biodegradable.

0% Triclosan

Strong but polluting antimicrobials.

0% Benzophenone

Photosensitizer, suspected of being an endocrine disruptor.


0% Méthylisothiazolinone

Powerful preservative, often used to replace parabens, but irritating and can cause contact eczema.

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